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How and where to find the right pet sitter?

You have already annoyed and asked all your friends and collegues around you, and you cannot find anyone available to come on a regular basis? Here are some tips for finding THE pet sitter you are looking for, easily and safely.

Classified advert

Consulting the classified is as olf as the world, but still nowdays very useful. Whether by surfing on the Internet - Le Boncoin, Anibis or Facebook - or by leaving a note at local shops, such as your baker, can be very effective as well.

Skim local universities or schools, students are a perfect fit for pet sitting: available, motivated and cheaper.

Specialised websites

There are many specialized sites connecting supply and demand. On the same principle as any dating site, you can select the person of your choice according to several criteria such as location, type of service needed, experience or price.

Here are some of them in France:

  • The leader Holidog, number 1 in France.

  • The specialist Animaute, founded by a veterinarian.

  • The precursor Homsitting, created in 1986.

  • The good deal Yoojo, for attractive prices and insured with Axa.

  • The publicized one Dogvacances, spotted in France 5, the 20 minutes journal or the Routard travel book guide.

  • The social one Ani Senior, which puts you in contact with seniors.

Here are some of them in Switzerland:

  • The local Pet Sitting 24, made in Switzerland.

  • The reassuring Pawshake, accepts only 15% of their applications

  • The intellectual one Star of Services, recommended by Forbes and The Telegraph.

  • The good deal Yoojo, for attractive prices and insured with Axa.

Specialised Agency

Easy to find in large cities, look for a specialized agency around your home or neighbourhood.

These agencies specializing in pet services are a real quality guarantee, as they audition, and verify the identity and certificates of their future employees. Going through an agency also allows you to have an intermediary, which can be useful in case of disagreement.


Pensions are ideal for longer-term care, especially if you have to go away for a weekend or a week. Visit the ones around you with your dog, go there to make a courtesy visit and locate several pensions before making your decision. Discuss with people working there, and find out about the different formulas they offer.

Make sure your dog is mature enough and well socialized with others before choosing this option.


Another alternative I would recommend is to ask for recommendations around you. Whether it is someone you know very well, or from a specialized organization (such as your veterinarian, the SPA, or a pension) they can share valuable contacts with you. Especilly the second one. In deed, these organizations are used to see different type of people coming in and out (student appliying for intern, passionate looking for advices...) and most certainly have contact details of reliable people to share with you.

Tips to trust someone with your dog easily

It is that to leave your beloved pet to a stranger. Hereby are some advices to prepare yourself and ensure a smooth and confident transition:

  • Anticipate and plan head. Don't do anything at the last minute. It is an important and thoughtful choice to make that is built over several days or weeks.

  • Interview potential pet sitters. The first pick is not necessarily the right one. Meet 2 or 3 potential pet sitters to ensure their reliability and experience.

  • Meet your pet sitter before D-Day. It is very important to meet this person in reality before handover your little friend. On the one hand, it will reassure you, and on the other hand it will also allow your dog to meet and get used to this new person.

  • Ask for references. It is wise to take feedbacks from their previous clients. It will either reassure you, or avoid you to make a mistake, if this person is not recommended.

  • Trust your own feeling. You cannot control it but i is always wise to trust your instinct. Having a good feeling about this person is truly essential. Don't be afraid to let yourself be guided by your intuitions. This advice is valid for you, but also for your dog.

  • Remain cautious. Hire a pet sitter also means giving access to your propriety and home. Take your predispositions to avoid any stress or future litigation.

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